Front End PM


Basic front-end walkthrough

Go to Front End PM page (page which have [front-end-pm] in content and selected as Front End PM page in back-end settings page of this plugin).


First you will see “Message Box”. It looks pretty like followings.

Front End PM Message box


Here you will find all of your messages.


Bulk Actions:

Top left corner you will find “Bulk Actions”. Every individual message there is a checkbox. Select any checkbox and perform bulk action. After selecting bulk action you have to click “Apply” to perform action.


Top right corner there is a filter dropdown. Select any one and messages will be filtered that way. No need to select any button or Enter.

View Message:

Select Any message which you want to view. You will see full messages including replies if threaded view is selected in back-end settings of this plugin otherwise it will show individual message.


If you have “Reply” permission of that message you will see reply form under message where you can reply to that message.


New Message:

Click New Message (if you have send new message permission). New message form will show. Message to field have auto suggestion (if enabled from back-end settings page of this plugin). Start typing name that auto suggestion will auto suggest name.

Fill up title and message then click send.



Here users will be able to change their settings.



Here are announcements for users. Remember from FEP ver 4.1 all admin features moved to back-end including “Add announcement”. Also now you can publish announcement role wise.



Here you can see All users and send them message directly clicking from here.