Simple Item Moderation

For classified site moderation is so important. But Osclass script does not have that much moderation option. Thats why Item moderation is a headeque for website owner. To over come this setuation “Simple Item Moderation” has come. Now item moderation is so easy.


Most of the actions of this plugin done by ajax.

After plugin activate you will find approve/reject options in:

  • Manage listing page, drop down bulk actions.
  • Manage listing page, item hover over.
  • Item Edit page, beside other buttons.

If item is New or Edited then both button will show. If item is approved then only Reject button will show. If item is rejected then only Approve button will show.



There is a good set of settings option as you need

You can select If you want to mederate every items. You can also select to moderate edited items. There is an option to disable edit also.

you can select whether or not to send email on approve/reject. (Recommended keep checked)

You can select what you want to to with that item which one got rejected. You can chose “mark as rejected” or “delete”. If you chose “delete”, items will be deleted on reject.

You can set weekly, monthly limit of items. You can also auto approve item from an user after minimum items got approved.

Approve Item

You can Bulk Approve item or one by one. After approve item an email will be sent to seller with edit/delete link as well as share option. Seller can share item in social media from that email (see screenshot). Email template is customizable.


Reject Item

You can Bulk reject item or one by one. After reject item an email will be sent to seller. You can select reason of reject of that item. That reason will be also included in that email. You can give user an option to edit that item or you can delete that item from your website (see screenshot). Email template is customizable.