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Andrew Perryman

Hi Shamim,

Is the ‘where’ section correct in the routine below as it works for a new message in the email prompt and displays ok but when it is piped back via a reply it does not display on a new reply, it look like the return variable is empty unless the ‘where’ section is missing the correct description for ‘reply’?

add_filter( 'fep_eb_email_legends', function( $legends, $mgs, $user_email ){
$legends['cus_group'] = array(
'description' => __('Mail group name', 'front-end-pm'),
'where' => array( 'newmessage', 'reply' ), //where this tag will be used
'replace_with' => ! empty( $mgs->mgs_id ) ? apply_filters( 'fep_is_group_message', '', $mgs->mgs_id ) : '',
return $legends;
}, 10, 3);

your thoughts..