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Daniel Anghel

Nice! Thanks for the support!
Very apreciated your help!

Unfortunately, i had a problem with that piece of code. This is the part of the template where i inserted te code you gave me:

<div id="fep-table" class="tabla-listachats fep-table fep-odd-even">
			while( $messages->have_messages() ) {
				$messages->the_message(); ?>
				<a id="mensaje-completo-general" href="<?php echo fep_query_url( 'viewmessage', [
				'fep_id' => fep_get_the_id(),
				'feppage' => isset( $_GET['feppage'] ) ? $_GET['feppage'] : 1,
				'fep-filter' => isset( $_GET['fep-filter'] ) ? $_GET['fep-filter'] : '',
				] ); ?>">
				<div id="fep-message-<?php echo fep_get_the_id(); ?>" class="fep-table-row">
					<?php foreach ( Fep_Messages::init()->get_table_columns() as $column => $display ) : ?>
						<div class="fep-column fep-column-<?php echo esc_attr( $column ); ?>"><?php Fep_Messages::init()->get_column_content( $column ); ?></div>
					<?php endforeach; ?>
			} //endwhile

The problem is that the a link stays on top of the name/photo of the author. I attach image to explain it better. The bluepart is the a tag i inserted.

Thank you kindly!

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