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Andrew Perryman

Hi Shamim,

Bit confused as this does not help me, all I have ever done when using your add recipient to the TO field is type the first or last name when setting up a new message or adding a recipient to a group!

So it usually finds the names as I type but not all of them is there a problem doing it this way or is the system it not capable as our users will not know any other way to do it, and they will not know each others email address and for GDPR reasons that’s the way I want to keep it.

Does this then mean I have to retro set every WP users ID with the first and last name publicly in the WP profile section as per attached picture?

If so would there be a way to do this in WP-config as I have a lot of users to administer otherwise?

As it is nearly midnight where you, perhaps you could advise me more tomorrow.. 🙂

Have a good nights sleep.


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