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It depends on where you want to show that button.
Add following code in your theme’s (child theme’s if you are using) functions.php

add_action( 'fep_display_after_parent_message', function(){
	if ( fep_is_group_message( fep_get_the_id() ) ) {
		echo '<a href="' . fep_query_url( 'newmessage', array( 'fep_to' => fep_get_userdata( fep_get_message_field( 'mgs_author' ), 'user_nicename', 'id' ), 'message_title' => fep_get_the_title() ) ) . '" class="fep-button">Reply to Sender</a>';

It will show a button to reply to sender bellow your main message content if that is a group message.