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Hi Shamin,

The filter worked perfectly, thanks.

However, there seems to be a bit of a bug I think. I have the messages displayed as threaded messages. I then send the first message to another user to create a new thread. If my message box is displaying the Inbox, and that user replies to my message in that new thread, the new unread message for me won’t display in the Inbox. As I started the thread it appears to think all messages in that thread came from me and therefore doesn’t display new ones in the Inbox.

And for the second part of the issue. One way to see that new message is to go to Show All. The message thread will display that there is a new message waiting, but it doesn’t move the thread to the top of the page. So if you have a lot of messsges, the only way to find unread messsges is to filer by Unread, which most users won’t always do and I also don’t think that should be the default filter either.

So new messages should always display in the Inbox, and new messages should always be moved to the top of the list regardless of the view.

Still very happy with the plugin, just wanted to share this with you, hope it made sense.