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Sanne Huntink


Yes it was sending emails before. The thing that has changed is we have set the website live. So the URL has changed and the website was moved from one server to another. And we have installed an SSL certificate (http > https). If you are referring to if I use the e-mail setup within the plugin and have changed some text in that than yes, I am using custom email templates.

And I have walked through the troubleshoot, stil doesn’t work:
1. Go to Front-end settings page of messages and see if “Email me when I get new messages?” checked > Checked
2. Check if normal email can send from your website (eg. register, lost password email etc). > WordPress has send me an password lost email
3. If you use any SMTP plugin, see your SMTP plugin setup and Dashboard > Front End PM PRO > Emails > From Email is same. > I don’t use an SMTP plugin but in the settings of Front end pro are set the same domain
If you do not use any SMTP plugin, please check if Dashboard > Front End PM PRO > Emails > From Email is same domain email. Eg. if your website is then from email will be Also please check if your email exists. If not create that email address.
4. Go to Dashboard > Front End PM PRO > Emails and check all the fields are filled. Eg. Message subject, Message content. > All fields are filled
5. Check your Junk/Spam folder also if your email notification ended in there. > Checked, no emails there either

This is what the error log says:
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP 4. define() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP 3. require_once() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP 2. require_once() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP 1. {main}() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP Stack trace:
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:25 UTC] PHP Notice: Constant WP_MEMORY_LIMIT already defined in /home/ on line 94
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:15 UTC] PHP 5. define() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:15 UTC] PHP 4. require_once() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:15 UTC] PHP 3. require_once() /home/
[24-Aug-2018 07:17:15 UTC] PHP 2. require_once() /home/

Kind regards, Sanne