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    I don’t know why announcements e-mails aren’t sending to user’s e-mail addresses. Like one on one messages works though. I’m sure if this an SMTP problem or from your end.


    As for announcements there might me many users email which most of the host do not allow to send at a time. So this plugin send announcement emails using cron at a set interval. You can set that interval in Front End PM PRO > Settings > Emails
    Please check following
    1. Cron if working in your website.
    2. Change email interval in Front End PM PRO > Settings > Emails and wait that time

    Let me know.


    What is a cron and how do I figure out if cron is working or not?


    Please go to Dashboard > Tools > Site Health and check if those options are under passed tests (see screenshot)

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    Yeah, they are under passed test. The Community Members that I’m sending to are more than 50. Is this an SMTP problem or on your end? or In my settings?


    Did you changed email interval in Front End PM PRO > Settings > Emails?

    If still not working i need access to your website so that i can try. You can send me your admin credentials via


    There are two intervals. There is the e-mail sending intervals which is at every 5 minutes and e-mail sent per interval is at 200. I don’t feel comfortable with your terms. It says that you can do anything with my site?


    As it is not possible to predict what i need to change in a website to debug an issue, So i needed to add that term.

    You can change interval to 15 minutes and email per interval to 20, Wait at least 15 minutes then refresh your website couple of times and see if it start sending.


    It fixed it. Thank You so much, Shamim! It’s highly appreciated

    Live Long and Prosper!


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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