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    Marko Musicki

    Hi Shamim,
    We have problem with announcement, we using your plugin more then half year, and everything work well till now.
    Once in month we need to send “News letter” aka announcement to all of our users. Last month we had 9.000 users, and everything work well, yesterday we try to send announcement to all users around 13.000, and it not send any email. Notice that we sending emails over SendGrid API, and we have payed plan. But SendGrid did not even get requests for sending emails. It seems like problem somewhere in code of plugin, but we can not see any log files.
    Can you explain to us how we can check log files for sending emails through announcement?
    PS> everything is set, plugin is activated, we set intervals and minutes. And everything work till yesterday.
    Thanks in advance!

    Shamim Hasan

    1. Which version you are using?
    2. Please go to Dashboard > Front End PM PRO > All Announcements and let me know what shows in “Email Pending” column
    3. Do you have knowledge in php? If i give you some debug code can you use can that code in your website?

    John Strauss

    I am having the same problem. No emails being sent for a New Announcement.

    Jon Harari

    Hi Team,

    We are also getting the same issue and plugin is not sending an email.

    Please provide us a solution for it.

    Shamim Hasan

    @Jon Harari
    Please check
    if still not working please create a new topic so that i can better support you.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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