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    Maik Krueger

    We used version 8.4 and everything worked just fine – now we updated to the latest version and bought the PM PRO key and things have changed.
    Announcements do not work anymore. And that you can not set up an announcement form the backend is a major cut in usability.

    Shamim Hasan

    We have improved performance of the plugin so much. We reduced code of the plugin.
    We have added all features in frontend including add anouncement. In this way we achieved reduction of some code.

    If announcement features do not work please let me know following
    1. Can you see “Add Announcement” button in front end? (eg. from where where you send message)
    2. Do you see any error when try to add announcement?



    We have the same problem. We cannot find any information on where to send announcement. There is no such option either in admin or in the frontend for sending messages.

    Shamim Hasan
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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