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    Björn Granberg

    as of now groups are used as a way dividing people in different interest areas for easy subscriptions of different topics of interest.

    I would like to use groups as a way of giving, say a teacher access to only his/her class of students in the catalogue. Also vice versa, I would like the students to see only their teacher and not the teachers of other courses that is not relevant to them.

    Would this be possible?


    You can go to Front End PM PRO > Settings > Recipient and uncheck “Can users add themself to group.”. So you can assign group members yourself and students can send message to that group only. If teacher also a member of that group, he will also receive that message.

    But if you want one-to-one message (student can send message to his teacher privately), also teacher can only access to his students that need to be custom coded.


    I also wanted same type situation. where Candidate and Employee are two different groups . wanted message differently

    Please provide custom code

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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