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    Wencke Wassermann

    Sorry but I have a few more questions now for the fine-tuning ;-):

    1. Read Receipt
    Here I can’t translate with loco tanslate „Read by“ in „gelesen von“. So I had to change it myself in the php file: pro/includes/class-fep-read-reiceipt.php. But with an update it’s gone again. Is there a way to integrate that into my child theme function file? Unfortunately I’m not that fit in PHP.

    2. Instead of username
    In fep-header there is e.g. „Welcome: Username“.
    Here I wish to show the „first_name last_name“. I use UserPro. Likewise in the communication history. I don’t want to show the username anywhere, but always first and last name. Please look at the screenshot. It will not be possible for all users to enter their first and last names as user names.

    3. Hide one setting
    In the front-end setting, the user can select three options under the “Settings” button. I would like to hide the first option (“Allow others to send me messages?”), but leave it in the checked setting. How can I do that?

    4. Instead of username
    In my message box in the front end, my user name is shown to me when I last wrote.
    I would like to have the name of my communication partner displayed here by default. Only the picture is unfortunately not enough for me because it quickly becomes confusing. If a message is unread, then I have the red message in addition. How can I do that next to the profile pictures only the name of my communication partner (no username, but first and last name)?

    Are you interested in my attempt to translate the .Po file to German? I think I did it quite well, maybe others may adjust it even better in the future if they notice something. I have now done it to the best of my conscience.

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    Wencke Wassermann

    Supplement to usernames:

    ok, to point 2: If I manually assign each individual user in the WordPress user settings that the “public name” (display_name) should be used as the first and last name, then it works.
    Do you perhaps know a trick how to set it up automatically? Unfortunately I don’t find anything 🙁

    But point 4 in the view of the communication partners would be important if not the name of the last one written, but ONLY that of my counterpart for a better overview.

    Wencke Wassermann

    I’m sooo sorry, but I seem too stupid to understand how I can set this (4.), that only the name of my communication partner is shown and not mine in the list. (of 4. Or to show names of other user you have to use fep_message_table_column_content_author action hook. It needs some custom code. You need participants name then remove own name from them.)

    And regarding the language – maybe it is also due to the other language – I was logged into WordPress and followed your link, but I have no idea where to upload the .PO file.

    Thank you for your really patient and quick response.


    Sorry, writing custom code is outside of the support capability. You can contact using if you need custom code.

    To upload po file, please go to, click your language > Stable (latest release) > impost translations (bottom left), then upload you po file

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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