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    Dawson College

    Hey there,

    So now that messages are flowing, also the email is flowing into the entire group.

    Is there a way to disable all email to a group of people who are automatically added in.

    I know there are user settings. Can I just override that?

    Thank you.


    You want to change default value to unchecked so that user can check that if they want or want to unchecked so that they cannot check and will not get email?

    Dawson College


    That sounds about right.


    add following code in your theme’s ( child theme’s if any) functions.php

    add_filter('fep_get_user_option', function( $value, $option, $default, $userid, $is_default ){
        if( 'allow_emails' == $option && $is_default ){
            $value = 0;
        return $value;
    }, 10, 5);
Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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