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    Jan Sørensen

    I use PM Pro on several sites. On one of them, (the bigges) I find that the perfomance when sending is very slow. (compared to other site). Sending a msg to one or two persons take almost 10 seconds.
    Can it be that the log file is big? Where do I find the log file?

    Jan Sørensen

    Where is the log in the DB?


    How many total messages you have?
    You can find all messages in DB table named PREFIX_fep_messages where PREFIX is your DB table prefix.

    Is it slow when sending messages or reading messages as well?
    How big is your website is? Do your use any object caching? Eg. memcached?

    Jan Sørensen

    I have thousands of messages. I use Announsement to send regulary to all members. (700)

    It is slow only when sending. Prox 10 seconds to send to 2 persons

    I use your plugin in other site too and there it is fast.
    On this site it was fast in the beginning

    I noticed today with a tool called: Wordfence that : EVERY second I see this message on all members online: …….and visited https://gwcn.no/wp-json/front-end-pm/v1/notification

    What is this?


    Can you let me know exact how many messages and announcements you have so that i can test in my side to see the performance? You can find in Dashboard > Front End PM PRO > All Messages and All Announcements

    I have tested with 200000 messages without any performance hit.
    Also let me know which version of the plugin you are using.

    And for that url call, this is for new message notification. By default it is called every after 60 seconds for each user (it is changeable using hook).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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