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    Hello again, Shamim – can you help me out, please?

    I made a form as you suggested, with a checkbox like this: <input type="checkbox" name="fep_mr_to" value="' . $u->ID . '"

    Problem is, only one of the selected values is passed to the new message form.
    This is because all the checkboxes have the same name!
    I tried adding a counter in the foreach, and appending the count to the input name, but then nothing was passed.

    I think I need to serialize the selected user IDs, but don’t know to pass an array or list to the action page. I’ve been scouring your code, but am not a WordPress expert so it’s hard to figure out how to manipulate your container “fep_mr_to”.

    Have you got some advice for me?


    Please change fep_mr_to to fep_mr_to[]. This will pass all ids as array and New message form will capture all ids.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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