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    Moose Dev

    Great work. It’s working fine so far. I just need some help with the following issue I’m having …

    I’m using the plugin with the shortcode on one template fine. But I do have a separate dashboard where I just need new message number data. I mean, I just need to show the number of new messages a user has in a separate template without using the shortcode (I mean without calling the whole inbox and stuff). I just need the new message data and then link that block to the main inbox where I’m using the shortcode. I hope I’m making sense …

    in short, is it possible to extract the email data (number of unread emails, etc.) out of shortcode and use it some other template on the site without invoking the whole plugin again. I know it’s a longshot but plz let me know if you have any suggestions at all. Thanx in advance.


    Moose Dev

    plz, let me know if I can call just the header with the info on it separately to another template without bringing in the whole thing …


    Moose Dev

    I am sooooo sorry… I’m such an idiot … it’s all in the documentation … sorry, I’ve been coding for too long … my brain is half fried … Thanx very much for such awesome work!!


    Feel free to contact me if you need anytime.

    For future reader of this post, you can add unread count in menu (or wherever you like). Get an idea from

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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