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    Hi Shamim,

    I am using many additional form fields and checkboxes which appear by javascript controlled button press when required by the user. I am having problems since the recent updates where the page no longer refreshes on message send. This means that the when the user completes the additional form fields and presses SEND MESSAGE, the message is sent but the extra form fields remain visible with the information still showing inside them. Before the latest updates, the page refreshed to its normal state and removed this information. This can be confusing to the user as although they receive the confirmation message that the message has been sent, it still shows all the information on the screen as not having been sent.

    Can you help with a simple solution to this problem that would remove all additional form fields from the page, and remove the information inside them after send message is pressed?

    Thanks for your help in this matter.


    You can use following code, it will redirect user to messagebox page after message sent.

    add_action( 'fep_posted_action_after', function( $action ){
    	if ( 'newmessage' == $action && count( fep_success()->get_error_messages() ) > 0 ) {
    		$_POST['fep_redirect'] = fep_query_url( 'messagebox' );

    Thanks very much, have changed ‘newmessage’ to ‘reply’ as the extra fields are attached to the reply form and all is working great now.

    Thanks for the quick response!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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