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    Is there a method to move this below the Reply button on the message content page?

    if ( apply_filters( 'fep_filter_ajax_form_submit', true, $where ) ) {
    			wp_enqueue_script( 'fep-form-submit' );
    			echo '<div class="fep-progress-bar"><div class="fep-progress-bar-inner"></div></div>';
    			echo '<div class="fep-ajax-response"></div>';

    I have my file upload arranged to the left of the page at the moment and the button on the right, but when I submit they're split. Preferably, I'd like the notifications below or above the upload and reply button, but not between them. I was going to use CSS and a flex-box, but there's no wrapper for those elements.


    you can use fep_filter_ajax_form_submit to return false so that it is not added. Then use filter fep_form_submit_button to append the same code as above.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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