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    William Tan

    Hi Shamim,

    Just got your FEP PRO to provide a private messaging area for my users/subscribers for my LMS (powered with LearnDash plugin).

    1) I’ve set Role to Role Block (From Subscriber To Subscriber) for New Message – but when logged in as Subscriber, he/she can still create new message to OTHER Subscriber – at To: can still search for all other Subscribers (despite I’ve check-off Show Autosuggestion), only when click Send Message, then it displays : Error: You cannot message to xxxxxx (subscriber). How to send the To: to ONLY Admin? (I don’t want my subscribers to see any other subscribers’ usernames)

    2) How to prevent the subscribers from deleting messages (sent by Admin)?

    3) When I attach a MP3 or WAV file, there is no audio player auto-appearing (in WordPress)? If attachment is a .wav or .mp3, I would have to download to my desktop and use the desktop app to listen.

    4) How do I hide the ” Allow others to send me messages?” in Subscriber’s Settings of the FEP page? it don’t make sense the subscribers to disallow one/admin to send them messages though.

    5) When I (Admin) sent a message to a Subscriber, the message appears in the Sent. But when the Subscriber replied, the message become Inbox (with also in Sent)? Say in Gmail, any email sent will be in the Sent folder, if there’s a reply, it’s still in the Sent folder (and Inbox; the reply) right.

    Hope it’s not too overwhelming. Thank you in advance for the replies.

    Best Regards, William


    1. Did you clear cache after changing setup?
    If you want to send message only to admin you can set your admins in Dashboard > Front End PM > Settings > Recipients and set 0 in “Max Recipients” field. It will remove the ability to send message user to user.

    2. If user subscriber delete any message, that message does not get deleted from database. You can still see that message. You can also reply that message if you want and that user also get that reply. Go to Dashboard > Front End PM > Settings > Security and check “Can user reply messages deleted by other user?”

    3. This plugin uses default wordpress options to show any media. If you want to show beyond that there is a easy hook to do that. Please use fep_filter_attachment_download_link hook to change that link to show directly the media instead of downloading. As this require custom code, if you need my assistance you can contact me through


    5. message inbox/sent is determined my last sender of that message. So if someone else is last sender then that message will end up in your inbox and vice versa.

    Let me know.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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