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    Hi there,

    This PM plugin is great and Thank you very much for all your effort in making this beautiful plugin.
    Everything was working great when I was with Bluehost but after I switched to WPENGINE the plugin works fine except for when reading messages in the massage box, I have attached a screenshot.

    When switching from one user message to another now to view the message you need to refresh the page and there is a message that says “refresh this page and try again.”

    Please help me here.

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    I need more data to debug this. Can you give me access to your website? If yes please send user credentials using https://www.shamimsplugins.com/sensitive-information/


    Thank you for your information.
    But i cannot access your admin area and message page with those accounts. Can you please login with those accounts and check if you can access admin area and message page?


    Thank you again.
    It seems some of your htaccess rules preventing to send cookie which breaks wp rest api.
    Your SFTP credentials is not working for me so that i could not see your htaccess file to get the exact problem. You can remove all other rules except wp default rules from your htaccess then test.

    Let me know.


    Yes It worked I found other htaccess files and deleted and only left the default htaccess created by wp, now it is working just fine.

    Thank you for your support.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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