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    Hello there, thank you for your reply.

    Im using the shortcode interface on the front end, all messages load fine and even send fine, its just that initial notice saying “refresh this page”

    in reply to: Additional Message Field #20334

    Thank you 🙂 I have found this code and modified to add a checkbox, which it seems to do.

    add_filter( ‘fep_form_fields’, function( $fields ){
    $fields[‘public’] = [
    ‘type’ => ‘checkbox’,
    ‘label’ => ‘Can we use your message on the site as a story?’,
    ‘where’ => ‘newmessage’,
    ‘priority’ => 22,
    ‘function’ => function( $field ){
    return $fields;

    I am lost on how to display the field using the display after the message hook, ive tried echoing the value out by editing the message template which I know is bad, but im not sure what the value is?

    <?php echo $public;?>
    <?php echo fep_form_fields( ‘public’ ); ?>
    <?php echo $field; ?>
    <?php echo $fields; ?>

    Sorry for sounding completely stupid! Any pointers would be great 🙂 thank you so much

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)