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    alex alex

    6000 “0 messages updated”
    it could be useful to indicate a progress (i start to think this is just a dead-cycle)

    alex alex

    Ni suggestions about updating dead cycle of “0 messages updated”?

    Shamim Hasan

    Sorry for late reply.
    i will be available from now.
    about my solution to update to latest version i think you missed no.2 (Use a mysql backup copy where you never updated to latest version. If you update to 10.x version then role back, it may fail update. So ensure you never updater to 10.x version in that backup.) because before 10.x version some tables you mentioned never used.

    Please confirm if you have ever updated to latest version in that backup. If you updated to 10.x version then again role back to 8.x version then there need some extra step and code. I will give you. Please let me know.

    Please check FEP_admin_options and fep_db_version option in db (do not change manually). in FEP_admin_options you will get version in serialized array. Please let me know both.

    alex alex

    Seems it is 1014 somehow (i was sure i restored from backup, seems i tried 10.14 even before)
    now all works OK (hope i can live with this ver)

    fep_db_version 1014
    fep_meta_db_version 3.1
    FEP_admin_options a:77:{s:12:”num_messages”;s:3:”100″;s:13:”messages_page”;i:800;s:9:”user_page”;i:50;s:10:”time_delay”;i:1;s:15:”have_permission”;s:0:””;s:10:”custom_css”;s:0:””;s:11:”editor_type”;s:5:”teeny”;s:7:”min_cap”;s:4:”read”;s:15:”attachment_size”;s:3:”2MB”;…

    alex alex

    but the plugin itself (php code) is 8.4.1 (which i restored manually)
    not sure if i will update it, at least while all works so far

    Shamim Hasan

    Please follow step by step

    1. Backup your database first.
    2. delete fep_db_version, fep_updated_versions options from db
    3. delete any table starting with PREFIX_fep_.
    4. Then update to latest version, latest version is 10.1.4
    5. Then click “Proceed” when shows database update notice. Then start update. Wait until it finish.

    I am available now. So if you have any problem i can assist you.
    Let me know.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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