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    Clara Kim

    Good Day!
    I turned off the autosuggestion for the recipient field (“to” field) on the new message form.
    Since I want to send message to a specific user and the user sending the message should not able to see
    other users on the same user role.

    The issue that i want to find some answer is: How can i add a user to the recipient field?(see screenshots)
    If i paste or type in the name and hit enter the name on the recipient field will disappear.(
    Unlike the one on autosuggestion, when you click the name it is added to the recipient field. (


    How did you set so that it does not return user (only showing searching…)?
    If you want to restrict user so that they cannot send message to same role user, better way to use “Role to Role Block” feature. Instruction in

    Clara Kim


    Regarding on how it doesnt return user.. i followed what you said here about changing the arguments to return no user:
    I have already added role to role block… but auto suggestion still shows all users of the specific role.(argument above disabled)
    What i wanted is like the free version where i can disable auto suggestion and be able to send to
    a single specific user without the sender seeing all the list of users under that specific role.


    Can you give me screenshot of your “Role to Role Block” settings? It should not return users which are blocked for “New Message”.
    PRO version “To” is so many features involved (Multiple Recipients, Only admin, Group Message etc). So changing anything here a little bit tricky. After that also i will try to add an option in next version so that it can be used as FREE “To”.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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