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    Can you please tell us what the further stepts are to complete the settings so that we have the not captcha in the contact form?
    We installed pluggin and activated the key, there is sometrhing missing?
    Thank you


    I have this exact issue as well, am using contact form 7, do have it implemented properly (this used to work not that long ago, in fact, it just quit recently). php ver 7.4, wordpress 5.4.2, I can get a comprehensive list of other plugins if i need to. Doesn’t appear to be anything css related, there just doesn’t appear to be any content to display where the captcha item is (at least in the source, it doesn’t seem to have anything except the empty containers around where things should actually be)… checking google and the key data, it’s not even being accessed.


    well, same issue here. Using contact form 7
    form is on a basic page. No display on the page , no reaction when the submit button is pressed.
    However, the recaptcha advertisement is shown on the right bottom. See attached screenshot
    site is

    Thanks for your support

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    Oof figured mine out to be an unrelated javascript error, if i removed that, it worked as expected.


    @oskar1 i do not see any code of this plugin in your contact form. Did you followed ?

    If still not working please create a separate topic so that i can support you better.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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