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    My question is where to copy the short code you provided??? This is in reference to the two posts as follows

    From 25035 above
    Is there a way to make this so when a user replies to a group message, can choose to reply to whole group or reply to person who sent group message only?

    and from 25050 above

    You can use shortcode to show a button above reply form. When someone will click that button will redirect to message page with “To” field pre-populated with sender name.

    My users are very unhappy with so many replies to a group message. Where do I copy this code to provide a button above the reply form?? Thank you

    in reply to: Group Messaging Replies #25643

    Where, exactly do I copy that code to allow a reply to go only to sender? I agree that we need buttons for Reply and Reply All. Thx

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    I switched url when site went from sandbox to live but it still shows key expired and functions are limited. I have even paid to extend license and it still shows expired. In addition, directory of only 85 people is EXTREMELY slow when user begins typing in name for a message. This is not functional for my users. More support is needed!!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)