Front End PM


Version 3.1

  • Many useful hooks are added. so anyone can change almost anything of this plugin without changing any core code of this plugin.
  • Message and announcement editor now support Wp Editor.
  • Now code can be posted between backticks.
  • Multiple attachment in same message.
  • Now you can add multiple attachment in announcement also.
  • Attachment size, amount configurable.
  • Now show any new message or new announcement notification in header (configurable).
  • Announcement now reset after seen. User can also delete announcement from their announcement box (only for him/her).
  • Now admin can see how many users seen that announcement.
  • Use of transient increases so less db query.
  • Now Widgets can be used multiple times.You can cofigure widgets now. You can also use hooks.
  • Now use wordpress ajax for autosuggestion when typing recipient name.
  • Custom CSS support. admin can add CSS from backend to add or override this plugins CSS.
  • Now script and plugin files added only when needed.
  • You can also add or remove any file of this plugin using hook.
  • Messages between two users can be seen.
  • New options are added in admin settings.
  • Some CSS and JS bug fixes.
  • Other some minor bug fixes.
  • POT file updated.