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fep_shortcode new_message_form

Shortcode: fep_shortcode_new_message_form

Since: 5.1

Accepted Attribute:

Attribute: to

Since: 5.1

Default value: {current-post-author}

You can use {current-post-author}, {current-author}, {um-current-author} or any user user_nicename


Attribute: subject

Since: 5.1

Default value: “” (empty)

You can use {current-post-title} or Any subject you want.


Attribute: ajax

Since: 5.1

Default value: true


Attribute: heading

Since: 5.1

Default value: Contact


Form will not show if current user can not send message to “to” user. So non logged in user or if logged in user and “to” user is same then no form will be shown. So if you add this shortcode to send message to post author and you are the post author then if you visit that post, no form will be shown.


[fep_shortcode_new_message_form to="{current-post-author}" subject="{current-post-title}"]